Transport, Infrastructure, Equipment

We offer a wide range of transport and trucking services, which will make your transport and delivery process easy and quick.

We aim to provide all of our services at competitive rates, by fully trained professionals with equipment that complies with international safety

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Earth & Stone Delivery & Movement

This entails the punctual transportation of different types of soil and rock components. 

Heavy Equipment Delivery & Movement

Our heavy equipment delivery and movement services provide timely and secure transportation of your machinery to and from your job sites, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Our heavy equipment rental services offer a wide range of reliable and well-maintained machinery, enabling you to maximize efficiency and profitability without the burden of equipment ownership.

Equipment Recovery

We are a well known and experienced provider of equipment recovery services in diverse environments.

Deforesting & Soil Leveling

We have the machines and experience to clear big and small vegetation on different types of land, level and compact the soil to create a workable area.

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance provided by adequately trained professionals to ensure required road quality regardless of seasons and intensity of traffic.

Topsoil Placement

We are well equipped to remove all kinds of topsoil and replace it with aggregate or any other desired material.

Dyke Construction & Erosion Control

We have experience in the construction and building of dams and dykes inland and in the coastal area.

We have a full line of aggregate products. Standard products are:
0mm-7mm, 0.5”, 1”
Base coarse and boulders at every common size.
Other sizes are available on request.

Base Coarse

0mm - 7mm


3/4" or 1"

Belt Installation & Maintenance

Our belt installation and maintenance services ensure smooth and safe operation of your mining and heavy equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

We’re ensuring a high uptime and safe operation by utilizing over 10 years of experience and continually improving and developing automation, personnel training, intricate parts expertise with updated reviews, adequate stock management and adaptation to the market.

Crushing & Screening

We provide end product simulation with accuracy up to the percentage, based on rock details, crushability rate, etc.
Our crushing and screening services, consisting of
○ Jaw Impacters
○ Cone Crushers
○ Gyratory Crushers
Efficiently process various materials, ensuring consistent quality for your mining operations, fully operated by trained personnel including required and other requested peripherals, providing uptimes up to 70-80%.
We boast one of the largest mobile crusher fleets in Suriname, with a cumulative capacity of 800 tons/hour and are still expanding anno 2023.

Drilling & Exploration

Our drilling and exploration services utilize advanced techniques and equipment to accurately and efficiently locate and extract valuable minerals and resources for your mining operations and include:
Hardrock drilling with diamond tips, up to 12 meters deep, with ca. 1m/min, operated by trained and experienced personnel.
These services are also expanding and upgrading anno 2023.

Hauling Services

We provide reliable hauling services for mining and heavy equipment, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of your materials and we have:
○ 350 ton hauling capacity per cycle
○ A fully maintained and growing fleet by trained engineers & technicians
○ Fleet management with location optimization
An impeccable reputation in the industry provides high confidence for compliance to international industry standards and quality assurance.